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In September 2010 the state of Kentucky announced that Nicholas County would be awarded a large grant to help finish the dog shelter and provide an area for cats, as well as office, storage, and adoption space. This grant was written by NCAWS members on behalf of the county, and NCAWS contributed over $24,000 in materials and labor to this project. In March of 2011, the dog portion of the shelter was completed. It has indoor/outdoor runs, and keeps animals in a safe and sanitary environment, with proper ventilation, lighting, heat and hot water. The cat section will be completed during the late part of 2013. This is a huge improvement for this county, which previously housed stray dogs in an old barn (photos below), and had no housing for cats.

NCAWS is a private, all-volunteer organization, and receives no money from local or state government. Our operating budget relies entirely on donations and fundraising, and funds are always needed for veterinary care support and to implement our spay-neuter programs.Your help is very much needed and appreciated, and donations of any size are gratefully accepted.
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NCAWS is a Kentucky registered non-profit organization, and is a 501(c)(3) organization.
Donations may also be mailed to: NCAWS, PO Box 184 , Carlisle, KY 40311
The new Nicholas County Animal Shelter
The old Nicholas County "shelter":